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2021 Best Book Awards Winner: Home For Hurricanes by Nikki Murphy

This is not a drill! Home For Hurricanes: A Memoir in Poetry and Prose by me, Nikki Murphy, has been named an American Book Fest 2021 Best Book Awards Winner!!! (Full press release here.)

Could I get anymore excited?! No. No, I cannot.

Y'all, I worked so hard on creating a quality collection of narrative poetry. I even quit my job as Corporate Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion at a Fortune 100 Company to give my full attention to finishing, self-publishing, and promoting my book while supporting my family and community through the pandemic and social unrest. This whole book production process has been a large leap of faith.

Now, to have my debut book read, judged, and ultimately named the Winner in the narrative poetry category of American Book Fest's 18th Annual Best Book Awards is extremely validating (among other emotions I cannot quite name yet).

I hope that this news in some way encourages you to continue to pursue the things you may be working on in the dark, the things you are gifted to do but may feel unqualified for, the things you haven't yet allowed to leave the confines of your imagination. Do it! Do it scared, do it when everyone questions why, do it without the degree or connections, do it in the dark of night if that is the only margin you have in your life, but do not do it small.

Let no gift, talent, ability, or divine message go unexplored.

If you would like a signed copy of Home For Hurricanes: A Memoir of Resilience in Poetry and Prose (with the Best Book Awards Winner seal :) ) for yourself or as a gift, you can do so exclusively through my site here.

I thank you for your support and cheers to the fighters!


Nikki Murphy

Award-Winning Author! :)

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