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2021 Best Book Awards Winner by American Book Fest

"Home for Hurricanes is a beautiful memoir in verse about identity, trauma, and healing. It is a collection that is by turns thought-provoking, gut-wrenching, and resonant. The author writes about being Black, about coming of age as a young woman, about experiencing sexual assault, and about finding healing and love. I'm not a big poetry reader but this collection really struck a chord with me and I hope others will give it a look." - Beautifully Bookish Bethany, BookTuber and Bookstagrammer


"This is brilliant and beautiful and touching all the parts of my heart that I reserve for the magic of black girlhood. I know I will be thinking about many of these poems for years to come. I love that this is both a celebration of black girlhood and a testimony to their vulnerability. I feel seen." - Asha L. French, Ph.D.


"It's an honor to read her story. This book is a salute to poetry and the call for its return. Well done Nikki Murphy, well done." - Jeannine K. Brown, Author of Ignite! Your Best Year Ever: Six Strategies to Achieve More and Exceed Your Potential


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Abandoned by her hustling father, raised by her devoted mother, then battered by the winds of loss, heartbreak, and sexual assault, awarded Diversity & Inclusion Leader, poet and author Nikki Murphy exposes the undercurrents of resilience and faith that undergird her success in this riveting memoir-in-verse.


Home for Hurricanes provides a sobering portrayal of both the jubilance and hardening of Black girls emanating from the ghettos, and Murphy celebrates their resolve to build free and whole lives.


In her debut poetry collection, Murphy lays bare the impact of rape culture, examines notions of innocence and responsibility, and invites readers to witness her hard-fought journey to find healing, love, and gratitude. No matter where you are in weathering the storms of trauma, you will be reminded you are built to withstand.

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Home For Hurricanes - Author Signed Paperback

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  • Author-signed paperback copy of Home For Hurricanes: A Memoir of Resilience in Poetry and Prose


    ISBN: 978-1-7353879-0-1

    Publisher: Rebirth Press

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