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Whether you are looking for an engaging speaker to address diversity, equity & inclusion topics or to impart wisdom on resilience, transformation, and perseverance with the honesty, warmth, and transparency of a trusted friend, look no further.


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Dynamic & Inspiring Speaker

Empowering you to do life on purpose!

Monique Y. Murphy (aka Nikki Murphy) is an awarded Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Leader, speaker, poet, financial literacy advocate, wife, mother, and award-winning author of Home For Hurricanes: A Memoir of Resilience in Poetry & Prose. Her work aims to impart the knowledge needed to intentionally tackle issues that impede progress toward belonging, inclusion, and personal fulfillment.

Murphy brings over a decade of corporate leadership experience, DEI expertise, and elements of her personal story of resilience after devastating hardship, career pivots, working motherhood, and wealth-building to deliver knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment to a variety of audiences. She strives to make every event a memorable experience by utilizing her warmth, engaging storytelling, and actionable content to help audiences be intentional about thriving in life and work.

She has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences and events, on topics such as:​

  • Resilience & Overcoming Adversity

  • Finding Purpose In Your Career

  • Working Motherhood

  • Writing, Storytelling, and Voice

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Race, Gender, and Social Justice

  • and Financial Literacy.

“If Monique’s dynamic presence alone wasn’t impactful enough, her words of wisdom that were clearly expressed with warmth, relatability, and humor, made her one of the most memorable aspects of the event. Monique entranced the audience with her passion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and being a great wife and mom, while stressing the importance of self-care and balance. We are so thankful to have had Monique as a pivotal part of the Self-Centered conference and would be happy to have her back for future events.”

What struck me most was how thoughtfully such an extremely accomplished career woman communicated with her young audience. Monique shared very powerful personal and professional stories with such humility and kindness, and, judging by the girls' reflections following the session, it was evident that Monique's impact on the girls was quite profound. I, too still feel the effects of Monique's inspiring visit with us and I truly hope that many more groups will have the opportunity to do the same.

Francine N., CPA and Founder of Self-Centered™

Jennifer D., Director of Special Events and Donor Relations for Link Education Partners, Inc.


Female Speaker


Clapping Audience


Get Ready to Take Action

Monique will design great content that will have attendees ready to take action. Packed with meaningful dialogue, practical tips, and useful skills, participants gain a new perspective and a desire to put their knowledge to action.

Up Close and Personal

Let Monique Murphy share her insight and experience in a conversation with one of your leaders to deliver a dynamic session with an intimate feel. Generate buzz with a talk that will be relevant, timely, and completely tailored to the interests of you and your audience.



Meaningful and Memorable

Monique is a talented and skilled speaker who knows how to engage a crowd with an informative, inspiring, and relevant message. With a focus on urging people to live their values, triumph over trauma, and bring intentionality and purpose to every place they show up, your audience will be fully engaged throughout.


Monique speaks on a wide range of topics including diversity, equity & inclusion, resilience, purpose-driven living, and personal finance, customizing the content and experience to meet the desired outcomes of her clients. A few of her featured keynotes and workshops are highlighted below.



Transformational Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Whether dealing with career setbacks, sexual assault, loss, or having limited resources, Murphy has found that transformational resilience is the skill necessary to thrive and not merely survive adversity. Leveraging Murphy’s life experience as detailed in her best-selling memoir-in-verse, Home For Hurricanes, Murphy shares the 4-step transformative process that helped her overcome adversity in its many forms.


Design a Life You Love Now

For many, life just sort of happens. We end up in a career that has long ago lost its appeal, we are burdened with commitments and responsibilities, and if we have the energy (minus the guilt), we occasionally squeeze in something we enjoy. We disregard the longing for more purpose and fulfillment, deferring pursuit until someday when the circumstances are more ideal. What if we decided to pay attention to that longing, to take control of our lives and truly live our values? Let’s start designing a life you love now.


Art-provoked Courageous Conversation on Social Issues

Art provides a mirror for society and provokes reflection on challenging issues. This powerful session leverages poetry from Murphy's best-selling memoir-in-verse, Home For Hurricanes, to engage in courageous conversation around any of the topics addressed in the book: race, stereotypes, gender-based socialization, parenting, shame, trauma, mental health, faith. Participants will explore social issues, learn best practices for navigating these conversations, and gain understanding through peer-to-peer reflection.


Authentic Allyship for Social Justice

The events of recent years have birthed a heightened awareness around the issues of race, bias, systemic racism, and social justice. Many are seeking to support social justice in ways that feel authentic to them. Learn what authentic allyship looks like and the personal actions one can take to become an effective ally for the cause of social justice.


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