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Designed by awarded Diversity & Inclusion Professional and Author, Nikki Murphy, this guide is intended to cultivate rich conversations across diverse groups, foster understanding, and inspire action.


This guide contains content to facilitate a 1-hour courageous conversation session around the book, Home For Hurricanes: A Memoir of Resilience in Poetry and Prose, within your school, organization, or workplace. With 30 questions to choose from, there is plenty of additional content that can be leveraged for a multi-session approach.


Topics and themes to be explored in the discussion include: 

  • socialization & societal expectations
  • worthiness
  • gender and racial stereotypes
  • impact of trauma
  • impact of media messaging
  • personal responsibility
  • shame
  • fostering community & promoting vulnerability
  • resilience, and
  • inclusion. 


Questions are most suitable for high school-aged students and adults of all ages.


Ideal for classroom, employee resource group (ERG), business resource groups (BRG), diversity & inclusion council, development program, and organization-wide discussion use.


Flexible to accommodate large groups (100+) with small breakout group discussions.


For use in virtual or in-person sessions.


Fully customizable by end-user.


Sample Question:

After reading “9/11 in Hood Classrooms,” discuss the following:

  • Let’s explore the ways we assign innocence and value to groups of people. Consider a tragic headline you’ve recently read (e.g., “Hispanic Teenager Shot by Deli Owner”). Imagine changing a characteristic of the victim (race, age, gender, class, citizenship status, etc.). Does it read more or less tragic when these factors are changed? Why do you think that is?


Book Discussion Guide

  • The discussion guide is an editable PDF document.

  • Buyers have the right to use, edit, and print the licensed material for distribution to participants of a discussion session.

    This file and its content cannot be duplicated, shared or otherwise distributed, in whole or in part, to any other party without consent from the copyright owner.

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